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22 February – 4 March 2021
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Lighting Talks

Lightning talks are short talks/presentations on relevant topics that last no more than 10 minutes, including setting up to present and Q&A. This time limit is strictly enforced. Lightning talks are open to all registered APRICOT 2021 attendees, and the call for submissions is now open.

Talks on topics that are timely, interesting, or even a little crazy, are invited. The APRICOT 2021 Programme Committee will evaluate all submissions and choose the best six. Talks must be relevant to the Internet Operations community, as per the APRICOT Presentation Guidelines.

If you've thought about presenting at a future APRICOT, a lightning talk this year is a great place to start!

Mark Tinka, Marijana Novakovic & Philip Smith
Co-Chairs, APRICOT 2020 Programme Committee